Selection Process & Application Form

Selection Process

Applications are evaluated against a set of criteria however our goal is to assist a minimum of 10 patients a year. We rely heavily on hospitals and social workers for information regarding the patients health and financial status; on the recipients health visa vie the economic status of their family unit; the palliative care they require; and a host of unique or special situations.

We try our level best to look at each application individually and favorably putting into consideration all circumstances even though their may be a turn down. This service is available to Kenyan citizens residing in Kenya only and seeking curative treatment in Kenya.

Application Form

You can either download a form, send us an email or short text message and/or give us a call and and a form shall be sent to the given address.

Click here to go to guidelines on medical assistance and to download the Medical Assistance Application Form

The next grant phase shall run from the 1st of April 2018 and has a closing date of 30th of June 2018; applicants shall receive notification thereafter.

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Tumaini Rider

One of the things that breast cancer patients especially those undergoing radiotherapy as outpatients need to deal with is transportation coupled with its costs.

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