The amount of financial assistance offered to patients varies, however our assistance is to very needy cases. A point to note is that we do refer to your medical practitioner, who, strictly honors Doctor Patient confidentiality, however, gives us an estimate of what it would cost to treat his/her patient.

Guiding Principles

    I. Care and Compassion

    II. Commitment to promotion of humanity Dignity & Rights

    III. Community Participation

    Vi. Network & Partnership Building

Assessment Process

  • The purpose of the grant application must be charitable and the Foundation will only consider applications approved by registered medical practitioners and charities.

  • The Foundation’s area of interest is Kenya and Kenyan citizens residing in Kenya only.

  • The Foundation will consider applications from other cancer charities if any grant made will be used to benefit those suffering from breast cancer.

The Foundation’s trustees assess all applications and may consult with your personal doctor. Applicants may be telephoned, emailed or visited by the Trustees. Trustees meet once a year to consider the applications and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by letter or phone call. It should be noted that applications usually exceed available funds by a ratio of ten to one.

How To Apply

Applications should be made on the official Ruban Rose application form.
They should be accompanied by a copy of the most recent doctors report(s)
Applications from general cancer charities must demonstrate that the grants requested will be applied to benefit those affected by breast cancer. Applications should be sent to:

The Ruban Rose Foundation
P O Box 25512 – Lavington 00603

Or if done on line emailed to:

Click on link to access the Medical Assistance Application Form

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