Beneficiaries & Survivors

A beneficiary (L) of The Ruban Rose Foundation receives the microphone from Kenyan Media personality Julie Gichuru at the of launch of Calendar Girls Kenya (a fund raising initiative)

Learning that you have breast cancer can be hard for anyone and many at times one experiences a variety of emotions – sadness, denial, surprise and even anger. As one goes through the emotions of how best to care for one’s self, it’s quite difficult to come out and publicly speak about it.

This is a disease that attacks a very sensitive and relatively private part of a woman’s body. For men, it is more complicated, as breast cancer has been associated with women yet this is a disease the cuts across gender.

Under these circumstances, the foundation appreciates all those who have courageously come out and shared their experiences. Your actions have encouraged many other victims publicly speak about their predicament. This merely reminds them that all hope is not lost but also motivates them to fight and become not only a survivor but a victor.

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