“In 2007 the woman I adored and held in the highest esteem succumbed to breast cancer. I walked her journey with her and she was privileged to have received expert medical attention from our local team of doctors who were spot on with all the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Having received expert and holistic care, but, which came at a dear cost,  I often wondered how many with little or no income held it together during this very emotionally difficult and expensive period. I felt compelled to assist women (and men) receive professional medical care so they too could heal and live life to the fullest and in turn inspire others who are walking the breast cancer path thus the establishment of The Ruban Rose Foundation in 2012 now The Ruban Rose Foundation (2018). A very special thank you to you Musalia Mudavadi, my husband my friend who is the Patron of the foundation; you played an all important role of appreciating my desire in setting up a cancer support center by encouraging me all the way and helping to ensure that my dream became valid.

Demystifying many of the myths surrounding breast cancer by talking publicly about it shall ensure victims receive on-time treatment and in turn encourage change in legislation which shall ensure that at county level it is appropriately addressed. This is now being addressed at county level upon the enactment of the Kenya Cancer Prevention and Control Bill 2011. Hopefully having cancer being treated at this level may reduce the cost of treatment as comprehensive treatment shall be available countrywide as opposed to it being available only in select and few private and public institutions.

Working closely with individuals and organisations within the world of oncology we have been able to reach out to people from across the national divide and in so doing achieve our objective of ‘assisting those from ALL walks of life’. The foundation dedicates its activities to all those gallant women (and men) who so graciously bore but unfortunately succumbed to the disease. To the medical fraternity and in particular, Dr Musibi, Dr Chauhan, Dr Sitna and Dr Opiyo and your teams, I acknowledge and appreciate the support received from you. Together with well wishes, you have ensured that the work of the foundation is not only sustainable but that our beneficiaries receive the best in medical care.

Along the way, I have been joined by gallant, gracious & dynamic women and men to champion the cause - Anne Waite, Jacinta, Sheila, Eric, Catherine, Prof Kikaya just to mention a few. Thank you.

I humbly invite and appeal to you who have not joined the Breast Cancer Advocacy Wagon - B-CAW – to get on board and ride this journey with us in our quest to better the lives of patients, survivors and their families. Your donation, in cash or kind, shall bring Hope & Dignity to a mother, a sister, a wife, a father, a brother, a husband, a friend. HOPE, by assisting in ‘Saving A Life’ & Dignity, by ‘Giving her or him their confidence back. Together we are so much Stronger!”

Tessie Musalia

Founder & Managing Trustee

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