Who We Are

The Ruban Rose Foundation Kenya is a breast cancer advocacy extensive program whose activities began in November 2009 as one of the many health programs running under the Mudavadi Memorial Foundation Trust Fund (MMFTF). MMFTF founders are Hon Musalia and Tessie Mudavadi husband and wife team.

Overtime diversity within the ever changing social economic environment affecting individuals and their needs has seen the growth of Ruban Rose into an independent organization with Tessie Musalia as Founder and Managing Trustee. Ruban Rose other Trustees include Sheela Jhuti, Catherine Solomon, Jacinta Wasike & Shanna Fernandez. 

Our Vision:

Empowered women, men, and youth living a dignified hope filled life and act as peer councelors.

Our Mission:

Mitigating the challenges of those affected with breast cancer by offering supportive Care and Relief.

Walking the Talk

One defining issue about care for many breast cancer patients, is the prohibitive cost of care. The treatment and subsequent management, is financially out of reach for many families and anyone who has ever had to deal with cancer, knows the staggering financial burdens the disease imposes on both patients and their families. Considering the issues raised our main objectives are to:-


1. Offer financial aid to women (and men) diagnosed with breast cancer but are financially challenged in meeting this obligation – HOPE
2. Provision of accessories that breast cancer patients/survivors may require – DIGNITY
3. Counseling for victims and their families
4. Breast Cancer awareness programs

We also support specific initiatives that are in tandem with our objectives.

Whom We Assist

Being committed to bringing together individuals and organizations concerned with the fight against breast cancer, we partner with hospitals, organisations (private sector and non-profit orgaisations) and individuals advocating for the fight against breast cancer. This has enabled the Foundation achieve its goal of reaching out to as many as possible, irrespective of their social, cultural and/or religious affiliation.

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